Jason Sudeikis as American Football Coach Ted Lasso

An American Football Coach In London

NBC’s Clever Marketing To America’s “Football” Audience

Football is the most watched sport in the world. In America, not so much. For soccer fans in the US who know what the Premier League is, the announcement that NBC Sports would be covering the 2013-2014 Premier League may have been phenomenal news.

If you’re NBC and you’re faced with the idea that a large part of your potential audience doesn’t care about soccer and/or know what the Premier League is, what do you do? You go get Jason Sudeikis to play Ted Lasso – An American Football Coach in London. You shine a light on America’s lack of understanding of the sport(soccer) from an American perspective – and you make it funny. You speak to an American soccer audience – fans that are used to cramming into a pub at 7am to watch Setanta – who are used to hearing things like Lasso’s absurd comments. What you get is clever marketing. And watched more than 1 million times in just about two days. Featured on morning talk shows and dozens of big websites. But will anybody watch the Premier League on NBC? We’ll see…

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