Alan Tetervin

On Using The Web To Find New Customers

“These guys really know their stuff. Our new customer acquisition is up 600% for the past 3 years.

Our business has increased even in the worst market our industry has seen in a generation.

We would be in big trouble if we had not had their help.

They enabled us to control our marketing expenses by eliminating stale methods and using intelligent internet and social media methodology. Shane is always ready to help and takes the time to explain how things work and how to make smart marketing choices. He also respects our budget and works to maximize it’s reach.

I really appreciate feeling like I have a partner rather than just a consultant/vendor.

I wholeheartedly recommend Shane for small business marketing.”

Alan TetervinScandinavian Import Servicenter | SEO &
Cris Jacobs

On Using Facebook Ads and Email Marketing To Expand Your Reach

“I instantly started seeing results with Shane managing my Facebook ads. Not only have the events that I’ve advertised been more well attended than ever, but because of his savvy with ad placement, I’ve also gained a significant amount of new fans on my page. He knows exactly what kind of content to put up, when to run it, and who to target for maximum reach.”

Cris JacobsMusician | Facebook Ads & Email
Mick Carbo

On Marketing Strategy and Planning

“When I need help figuring out what to do next in business, Shane is my go-to guy. All I have to do is explain my problem and he always has a solution. I know from experience that his solutions work. Shane’s perspective provides peace of mind and a plan of action that creates monetary results.”

Mick | Strategy &
Richard Evans

On Mindset, Focus and Personality

“I had the pleasure of working with Shane on a few projects and found him to be extremely positive and focused on the task, his personality is infectious and he brings a certain energy to his day to day actions that you don’t see everyday…”

Richard EvansDirector of Operations | Bar Management Group
Jason Lawrence

On Branding and Messaging

“Great businesses start with the brand, and the thorough understanding of your brand sets the tone for everything else.  Shane’s attention to detail is unmatched when it comes to understanding the brand and creating the right message for your target market.  I’ve had the pleasure of working with Shane on several projects, and I always find myself reverting back to our shared experiences when I’m faced with new branding opportunities.  While the process is enduring and sometimes seems insurmountable, Shane’s expertise provides a clear track to successfully create a brand image and strategically communicate with your potential customers.”

Jason LawrenceDirector of Marketing and Sales Development | RiRa
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