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“I instantly started seeing results with Shane managing my Facebook ads. Not only have the events that I’ve advertised been more well attended than ever, but because of his savvy with ad placement, I’ve also gained a significant amount of new fans on my page.”

Cris Jacobs

“These guys really know their stuff. Our new customer acquisition is up 600% for the past 3 years.”

Alan Tetervin
Alan TetervinScandinavian Import Servicenter

“When I need help figuring out what to do next in business, Shane is my go-to guy. ”

Mick Carbo
Mick CarboGold Party Event

Social media marketing is one of our core internet marketing services. Social media has provided a unique opportunity for you to communicate with your customers and prospects. This relatively new form of two-way communication for businesses can be perilous if you don’t know what you’re doing. Our social media marketing services are designed to work two ways. First, for the business that has an internal marketing department but needs help with strategy, planning and content creation. Second, for the business that doesn’t have the internal marketing resources to manage their social media efforts on their own.

Our Social Media Marketing Services Include:

    • Social Media Marketing Strategy: Knowing where to start, your brand’s voice, which platforms to use, and who your ideal audience is sounds simple enough. But getting these pieces right and setting the right goals for your business’ social media marketing efforts will help reduce wasted time and energy. And it’s essential to your social media success.
    • Social Media Planning & Execution: Research, strategy and goal setting should be driving any decisions that you’re making. Once the initial research is done, your goals are set and your platform is chosen (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.), it’s time to develop your social media marketing plan. When to post content, what sorts of images or graphics to use, writing the status updates and promoting your content using social advertising platforms takes careful planning.
    • Social Media Tools & Software Recommendations: There are an endless amount of choices for social media tools and software. Knowing the right ones to use in a given situation is a complicated endeavor. We’ll help you choose the right tools for your situation based on your industry, your goals, and your business’ internal marketing resources.
    • Basic & Comprehensive Social Media Audits: We offer two different types of social media audits, our basic audit and our comprehensive audit.
    • Content Strategy & Creation: Without engaging and original content, your social media campaign is dead in the water. But creating original content can be expensive and time-consuming. We’ll help you set realistic goals and provide you with resources to help with your social media content creation.
    • In-platform Social Advertising: Social media advertising offers you the ability to target your ideal audience based on their tastes, consumer behavior, age, and geographic location. If you haven’t started using social media advertising yet, you’re missing a huge opportunity.
    • Internal Team Reviews & Job Descriptions: Need help hiring an internal marketing team? We can help you develop realistic job descriptions and go after the right kind of team members.

Basic Social Media Audit

Comprehensive Social Media Audit

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